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Graphics aren't my thing!

I’ve been there and I know is hard. Making your checklists and preparing the copy is already complicated, but add the graphics part and your productive days are gone.

I Need Affordable Marketing Graphics!

Large websites are way my budget!

You need a site no less than 15 pages long, focused on blogging and content strategy to attract more traffic and convert more prospects. But without breaking the bank.

I Need A Large, Minimalist & Affordable Website!

I don't want to lose my website!

If you are online you are a target and with hundreds of hacked sites a day, and prevention is always cheaper than the cure. Keep your site secure with proper maintenance and backups.

I Need Affordable Security & Maintenance


Who Am I?


Thank you for looking at my profile but if you are here I am certain you are looking into a WordPress Redesign or at least considering it.

And we both agree that websites are important and necessary to your business because if your customers can’t find you, they will find someone else.

Simple. Right?

But, that’s not enough…

If your competitors are proficient with digital marketing and you’re not, you’re already behind.

Adaptability ensures continuity…

It all starts with a website but that’s isn’t the final stage… and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get it… that’s why I provide affordable redesign services that can get you up and run in a matter of hours if not days.

But that’s isn’t enough to attract visitors and convert them into buyers…

We need to build your brand with online marketing, email marketing, and social media.

Don’t let yourself be part of the group of people who aren’t using online marketing, a mobile friendly website and social media.

You need to grow your businesses to survive.


Now you may wonder?

What can Digital Marketing do for you?

  • Earn Credibility
  • Grow your business
  • Increase Traffic
  • Lowering Costs
  • Increase Sales
  • And more…

I redesign WordPress websites that are affordable, mobile responsive, optimized and using digital marketing in its core… meaning conducting a marketing strategy, building funnels, email marketing campaigns, Facebook Ads plus social media marketing…

How will you use WordPress and digital marketing to gain an advantage over your competitors?


Download Our Checklist!

There you go, I hope you find this checklist useful and don't forget to read the previous sections if you haven't, share with us your findings and I wish you the best in your web host search. Click here to download our free...

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My Web Host Quiz!

Web Host Quiz! Hello, Earthling! Sometimes we just need someone to tell us the answer without spending months going around reading between review and comparison sites. So, we can focus on what matters to us and get our website ready. And there is no wrong answers and...

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My Web Host Recommendations

Disclaimer Cyg x-1 does not use affiliates. If we recommend a third party, it is because we’ve used them in the past and have a positive working relationship. Any third party does not represent or necessarily have the same opinion of (Cyg x-1) or affiliates....

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Happy Customers

Carolyn_Jayne_The_Journal_Queen Carolyn Jane

The Journal Queen

“Maria’s talent and tech GENIUS was a lifesaver for me (and my website)!! I had a vision for what I wanted, but my site was “stuck,” and when I connected with Maria and shared my vision she had my site re-constructed, polished and READY to launch in a few weeks!!!!! I am so so happy with the results.”


Apolline_Adiju_Simple_Social Apolline Adiju

Simple Social

“My business as completely changed since I met Maria on Facebook. I was in awe and lost in my brand image and website. WordPress was an enigma to me, and I just started my business online. Maria did not only give me advice on how to structure my site but also offered a complete makeover! The best part of her services is her patience and ability to walk you through every necessary step needed to achieve your desired website. Moreover, that is not all! My website is completely secure and free from hackers due to the tight security and backup system which she has installed. I recommend her to anyone who needs a beautiful website plus security from hackers.”


Mikael_Mattis_Live Mikael Mattis

Mattis Live

“This lady is an All-Star. I spent 2 months working with maria developing the concept for my blog. I’ve never had a wordpress blog before , and she was the expert at it so I just followed her lead. I pitched her my ideas of how I wanted my logo, layout, and the pages configured. In our strategy sessions she walked me thru how each phase would work which was informative. She was able to get my site done within 3 weeks. In addition to the security installations, and doing my logo from scratch, everything was completed in 7 weeks. What I appreciate also is that she always made herself readily available to chat if I needed help with any technical stuff. I was more than pleased with the final results and would definitely recommend her services to my friends.”


Curious to know how I can help you?

Listen to some of my recordings and judge some of the knowledge I share for free with no strings attached. Free feedback or before starting a project I always provide a 10 min (approx) design and marketing audit to all the websites. These are some of those recordings. Most of the time are video and voice recording, and I keep the video (password protected) only to the clients for obvious reasons. These are honest and very straight to the point audits; I don’t over extend and I don’t sugar coat it.

Audio #1

Audio #5

Audio #2

Audio #6

Audio #3

Audio #7

Audio #4

Audio #8

“First off, I want to say how amazing Maria is as a person. She went absolutely above and beyond when critiquing my website. I got a 10-minute video critique, one-on-one chat with her, and lots of support afterward. She was even willing to offer me hosting space to rent from her. Just…absolutely kind and warm hearted. Definitely, purchase a package from her for fixing your website; talk to her about what your problems are and she’ll help you. Fantastic service!

Thank you so much again!

Best wishes,”

Rachel Erazo

“WOW- thank you so much for the incredible feedback on my website! It’s just what I needed and I can’t say enough how impressed at and thankful for I am with your insight! I knew it was not right since I was not satisfied with it but it took your expert eyes to see the (many) problems. I’ll be in touch!”

Stefanie Katz

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What Is Cyg x-1?

Cyg x-1 is a small creative agency that focuses on provide excellent service to small to medium solopreneurs and build long-term relationships with them. From Branding to WP Security.

What Does Cyg x-1 Means?

"Cygnus X-1 (abbreviated Cyg X-1) is a galactic X-ray source in the constellation Cygnus, and the first such source widely accepted to be a black hole. It was discovered in 1964 during a rocket flight and is one of the strongest X-ray sources seen from Earth, producing a peak X-ray flux density... It remains among the most studied astronomical objects in its class.".

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