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Building the future

“You don’t have what it takes.”
“Is too risky”
“You are being irresponsible”
“You need to be rich to have a business”
“You won’t make it”

I’ve heard this from friends, from family, from significant others and even from strangers. Some may be right and some have failed dreams and want others to avoid the pain.

My story as a business owner began when I was constantly told what to do, what to dream, what to expect from the future and that I shouldn’t strive for more.

I am no different from you, a fellow business owner. I have my dreams and hopes… my failures and victories.

I am a human with a passion to serve other humans, to help others to grow and prosper with their business, I win only if you win.

My background isn’t glamorous, I worked 10 years in the customer service industry and later advanced technical support… working with simple end users, from grannies to experienced executives

Later I decided to improve myself with more technology and got into coding, WordPress and lots of Marketing.

But the heart remained the same. I am customer-centric and everything I do is to improve the experience, to make it a stellar journey. To form long-lasting relationships.

What if I told you, your income could be doubled in less than one month?


A WordPress website in a matter or hours or days instead of weeks or months, using Divi & Extra for a complete user experience.



Blogging is more than just random articles. Write with a purpose, with a defined goal that guides your future prospects.

Social Media

This is more than boosting your posts. Campaigns, advertisements, holiday events and build your email list.


Craft the best emails campaigns that get delivered, get opened, and most importantly…get clicked.

Customer-Centric Strategist

From fixing computers to servers for end users up to banks in the USA, now WordPress designer and digital marketer with multiple specialties for users and clients around the world.

Maria Rojas

Maria Rojas

Certified Digital Marketer

My Work

From WordPress websites, to monthly maintenance, WordPress Security & Backups, up to graphics for Facebook campaigns, eBooks & PDFs and marketing strategies & research .

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