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Why You Need A Website

Short answer: You need customers to be looking for food trucks like you online and you need your information to be available to them. Long answer... We need a meeting point where both of you meet. Customers like me we are more connected to the Internet...

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A Holiday Strategy You Should Break!

A long time ago, during my first days of web development... when it was full of endless possibilities. I was enjoying my first server and everything was running smoothly til one day, it felt too small for me. I had a project in mind and I wanted to scale my WordPress...

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Why I Love Mobile Friendly Websites (And You Should Too!)

Do you remember your first cell-phone? I remember the first mobile phones a long time ago, almost had the brick’s size and people looked funny when talking about it. My French professor had one that looked more like a walkie-talkie rather than a phone. Credits to...

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Download Our Checklist!

There you go, I hope you find this checklist useful and don't forget to read the previous sections if you haven't, share with us your findings and I wish you the best in your web host search. Click here to download our free...

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My Web Host Quiz!

Web Host Quiz! Hello, Earthling! Sometimes we just need someone to tell us the answer without spending months going around reading between review and comparison sites. So, we can focus on what matters to us and get our website ready. And there is no wrong answers and...

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My Web Host Recommendations

Disclaimer Cyg x-1 does not use affiliates. If we recommend a third party, it is because we’ve used them in the past and have a positive working relationship. Any third party does not represent or necessarily have the same opinion of (Cyg x-1) or affiliates....

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Important Questions To Ask Before Signing For A Web Host

Introduction These are questions that help you to narrow down from thousand options to a handful that you can choose. I use these questions myself whenever I want to migrate or install a new WordPress for a client. These are important issues to me and from my personal...

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Why A Safe Host Is Important

Introduction This post focuses on Shared servers and for new users to WordPress who are looking to sign with a Web Host. If you are a more advanced user or using a VPS, this might help you too. If you have a Dedicated server, then it might be little or oversimplified...

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Types Of Web Servers: Dedicated

Introduction Hello, Earthling! I am impressed you came this far (if you are reading the series as a whole). If this is the first time in our site, then I have to assume you have more experience with WordPress (+ 1 year) or you are a developer/designer. I wrote this...

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Types of Web Servers: VPS

Introduction Greetings Earthling! I wrote this post for beginners to understand the differences between Shared, VS and Dedicated. Which means, is easier to grasp this section when you know already about Shared servers. If you don't, then start with the previous...

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Types Of Web Servers: Shared

Introduction Marketing strategies love luring beginners with very tempting prices and "unlimited" features around the internet. Don't get me wrong; some Web Hosts with good marketing are amazing with good Shared server plans. But hopefully, you sign with one with the...

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Differences Between Managed & Unmanaged Servers

Introduction We keep hearing managed and unmanaged servers but what that really means and how that affects you? Time to learn and found out for yourself. The purpose here is to make it easier for you to understand the next sections or Web Hosts in general. I hope it...

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