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More and more DIY products in the market promise to reduce the cost of building websites while keeping a fair quality. They are popular but also challenging because you have to combine new trends and new technologies every year, and you will get caught in the never-ending editing stage.

Building on a strong foundation is essential.

I never start a design project without an effective security. I believe these are the stepping stones to avoid inconsistencies and hacks in the future. Although I cannot promise 100% bulletproof, you can rest assure I am doing everything in my power to provide you the best quality of services.

My Latest Work

Multipage and single websites, demos and more…

1. Vision
  • We will have an online call, then I will write notes of what we will need, review them together and send you the proposal with the contract. I will not start until is signed.
  • Once I have your content and accesses, I will begin with the WordPress back end stage.
  • 50% Payment

2. Planning
  • Sketching ideas and child theme selection.
  • And how to accomodate your content and images.
3. Implementation
  • Installing and configuring plugins.
  • Installing theme, child theme and design customizations.
  • For Blog and eCommerce only: Category creation.
  • For Membership only: Levels customization.
  • Extra Pages: 404 custom page.
  • Legal page links
  • Revisions & final touches

4. Oversight
  • Analytics & Social Media connections
  • Newsletters
  • Broken links detection
  • Website Optimization
  • 50% Payment To Release

  • Technical Support: You will have one month for possible small revisions and fixes free of charge.
  • One month security, optimization, and backup maintenance.
  • For monthly maintenance, requires independent contract.
  • You will be automatically added to my private newsletter for special offers and holiday discounts only for cuurent clients.

IT ALL DEPENDS on the number of pages and the type of website: blog, membership, eCommerce, business, and other.
Let’s say, we have our call today, the proposal and contract are signed the same day, as soon as I receive the logins and content, I will start building the website.
I can easily build a functional website in a day, but also it depends on the number of current projects.
A simple business website might take me from 1-4 weeks depending on how fast I receive what I need and how collaborative is the client when it comes to adding content, revisions and final touches.
It varies from website to website, in some projects I worked in less than a week for a 5-page business website (as a redesign project) and projects from scratch, including graphic design for logos, social banners and while waiting for content and revisions, etc, it took from 7 to 8 weeks.

You can learn more about my Terms of Service


Frequently asked questions.

When are you available for a new project?

I usually take 2-4 projects per month depending on their complexity and deadlines but I will be happy to make a place in my schedule for a consultation call and see if we click and then we decide when I can start.

Can I customize my package?

Yes you can, these packages are not set to stone. They work as a guide. 

Do you design sites on other platforms besides WordPress?

Not a the present moment. I do love to create full custom websites but due to the amount of work/time that involves prices can be substantially high. So unless is requested and paid 100% in advanced I won’t.

Do you design in other themes besides Divi?

I use theme Extra too, created by the same company as Divi: Elegant Themes.

Divi is an amazing and intuitive theme for me as the designer to help my clients with no design experience. Divi is more business site focus while Extra more blogging focused.

What if I have a website on another platform? Can you help me switch over to WordPress?
Depending on that other platform. Some platforms make it so difficult that is easier to start over, some are easier and more intuitive to migrate and the migration will be charged separately.
Do you provide hosting and domain?
Yes, but only to very selected clients. I take WP security seriously, and the client will have to go through a screening process, and usually, they must be a current customer but I don’t advertise it and is not including in any package. It must be added in a separate contract.
After the project is done. What happens if I need help?

Every single project from me includes one-month assistance.

Just an email, a chat or call away. 

Do you require to login to my dashboard?
Yes, it is necessary for WP Design and WP Security packages. I will create an admin user and I will add the website to my WP management tool.

Not sure or not quite ready to invest yet?

What about a free website audit?

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